My 21st birthday celebration

celebrated my 21st birthday on the actual date (15 oct) at Aloha Loyang,pool terreace 9.Really very glad that so many of my friends came,however,there're few of them that cannot attend but still enjoyed myself that day:>.Being blessed for my birthday as i didnt spend on anything because the chalet is blessed by my uncle,food n cake by my aunties.haha!pai sai..:P even my cg friends help me to BBQ...just sit down there,waiting for food to be serve and receiving presents...haha shioks!Unfortunately,after my birthday,my exams coming soon,on nov cannot really release myself & enjoy my bday season.Eventhough,it is a 2 day 1 night stay but is very delighted that most of my friends n family attended my party.At last...wanna's is damn expensive for the whole celebration.Even it was blessed by my family but very heartache also..:P...


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