City Harvest Christmas candle light service

It is a extremely busy week for me during this christmas season,need to teach piano & doing preparation for stan's christmas party.haha!!not only that,still have to buy presents & call up friends for gathering as well as the most important thing...that is serving the Lord through my choir ministry...!It's a enjoyable weekend for my & my dear(stan) as this year is a special year for us that we could attend candlelight service romantic!so glamour!so......exciting!haha!After teaching my 2 student for piano.Ard 2pm,i reached expo,meet my dear there then we have our late lunch together in the "rocky master"restaurant.After eating,it was still early so we decided to go to the christmas carnival to see if anything that can play or anything "unusual" or something happening interesting that we saw so many people playing the thrilling machines that rotate u 360 degree...haha so horrible...but fun laughing...At 3.30pm,we started to enter into the congregation,there are so much people coming to the christmas service.everyone tried to book the best seats for their members,however,they couldn't as too many people waiting outside the hall so they need to give up the seat that the book.So are we,me n stan sat separated with our Cg but still gathered after the service...It was really a Fun n enjoy drama...haha!!God blesses...after the service we went Bugis (shaw tower) & have our dinner was too many people all over in town so we decided to go marina square shop shop & play billiard or pool.When we reach we took alot of snaps...haha!till 12am plus then reach home.