Sentosa Flower's Bloom 2007

Ha ha!It's the third day of Chinese New Year,meeting Florence at Harbourfront Mrt control.Intially,we intended to go to the beach,as well as,making a trip down to the "flower's bloom 2007"...but never do we thought....the weather change from sunny to darkening...after rains!Therefore, we got no choice but to shop at Vivo city for at least 2 hours.These irratating rain obstructed our planning and time schedule.Nevertheless,we still made it to sentosa after a 45 mins waiting for the shuttle bus and 15mins queuing at the sentosa entrance to transfer us to the beach area.Finally, we step onto the land on another island(sentosa).It's extremely crowded,everywhere you will able to see people walking around.Most of them are foreigners and tourists(darker skin especially).We'd taken many photo shoots with the flower surrounded by us.It's stunning!the landscape of flowers,the fairy tale theme and found one flower named "Tecoma Stans"(My Bf name is Stan).Ha Ha!So funny..
After exploring the flowers,we moved to the seaside...listening to the seabreeze & enjoy the time was so relaxing!haha!!It is a Nice & Fun day at last...

more picture ~ClicK