DG Lifestyle Company Dinner!!

St James' Pub
Swenson @ Vivo City

Oh My Goodness!! What a sumptuous dinner @ Vivo Swenson. Finally, i met and have some chat with my Hong Kong boss, he's a humble and "cold" jokes maker.Haha! Really enjoy my working place with my colleagues and sales personnels, as well as my boss.....hoho! me and the other office staffs need to wait around 2 hours after our working time for the sales personnel to close the shop then can go for the dinner, so hungry and thirsty! Since that's the case, tempted for shopping at Vivo city. Therefore, me and my company accountant went to walk around the shopping centre and wait for the rest at Swenson. After the dinner, we went to saint james and chill out with boss. So cool but tiring because my exams are coming. We went home around 2am and next day still need to work....so sad....but still have a great gathering.