Thailand 5D4N F&E trips

Holiday time! we went to Kanchunaburi & Bangkok this seasons, it's part of Thailand so transport were easy for us. On the 1st day, we woke up early in the morning around 3am and prepared our stuffs to bring before our flight at 7.10am. Reached Changi airport at 4.45am and we need to check in 1 or 2 hrs before the flight time. I meet up with the girls and taken some bites while waiting to board the plane. The duration from Singapore to Thailand is 1 & 3o mins. In the mean time, I and Stan watch a movie "Kunfu Panda" on his PSP during our journey so we will not be bored.
We had reached Suvarnabhumi bangkok airport around 8am(thai timing), taxi transport to our 1st destination (Kanchunaburi), had spend $34 individually for the taxi transport as from airport to kanchunaburi was a 3 hrs journey. That's why they charged us so "Pan"(expensive). On our way, we eating, chatting, taking pics and sleep. haha!! enjoy right?
Finally, we came to kanchunaburi, now looking for our guest house. It was hidden and no road name direct the taxi driver but at last we found it(God bless). Overshot and the taxi driver drove us another round again as it's a one way district. When we entered into the blue star guest house, the furniture and our room attracts us, the scenery was so ineffable and i can sense the nature and fresh air. The environment was really great to experience ecology and we are staying in a wooden kampong style mini-room hut. Felt so different compare with Singapore or even in Bangkok. After settling our bags and accommodation, we start to scout for food..haha!! Went to some local cafe style to try their food. Indeed, it was delicious and really thai fragrance. We went to the kanchunaburi town(bus terminal) to shop as there're 2 small shopping centre and some street vendors that selling clothes and titbits. we boarded a meter taxi and started our exploring.

On the 2nd day, after we took our breakfast , our 1 day tour guide came to our guest house & fetch us to tour around. Package we took included: sai yok waterfall, hotspring, elephant trekking, bamboo rafting, train at death railway, river kwai bridge and some caves. Lunch, fruits and drink provided. it cost around $40 for each pax. It was a 8am to 5.30pm, 1 day tour so it was quite worth as we feel the different from our modern country to those villager staying in the slum condition environment. Had a great experience!

Brand new 3rd day, we left kanchunaburi early in the morning around 9.50am and took a mini van to Bangkok(khao San). The journey around 1 hr 30 mins to reach so we slept in the van and chat on our way. Eventually, the van stop around khao san area and we alight and intended to walk to our "Sawadee Smile Inn" ,this time the map played us, we walked opposite direction and bluffed by the tuk tuk driver after rejected his offer to a one day Wat(temple) tour. Finally, we decided to go take a taxi and the taxi driver didnt know how to go(i forgotten to take the address of that inn) so we just use the map given by the airport and direct him. Unfortunately, he still took many route and couldn't find the way so we alighted and took a tuk tuk.4 persons squeezed in a tuk tuk...haha! The uncle was great, he found it! Maybe is the taxi driver want to earn more so he drive us many round. Sweat!

To our relief, we have a safe trip from kanchunaburi to bangkok(Khao san). After some delay of being a "mountain turtle" in bangkok, we check-in to our inn and put down our stuffs in our 4 pax deluxe room. However, the photos shown online was really different from what we saw, but we still stay happily & enjoying ourselves in a haunting look-alike environment. Eerie... God bless got another 3 persons accompany me!Haha! After we settle down, we went to shop at Chinatown & lots of wholesaler selling many range of hair clip, jewellery & etcs. Had our lunch at one of the chinese restaurant, we ordered crab, fried big fish, birdnest...etc. haha!! only less than S$10 per person. Near Evening time, we returned back to khao san district(near our inn) and it was a busy street especially at night, because it's famous for its nightlife & night market. Along this street, we saw ransom of pubs, clubs & myriad of clothes vendors but the items selling over here are not very reasonable. After there, we walk back to our inn and on our way back, there were lots of handicraft lamps and cards or even printing selling along our small alley. meanwhile, we can still shop and explore on our way back.
On the 4th day, woke up in the morning around 7am and have our breakfast in the inn's restaurant. the breakfast is really simple...haha!SG$8 in a 4 paxs delux room & with breakfast inclusive so we don't expect much. But still abit scary! After breakfast, we check-out our inn and took a taxi to "the resident rajtaevee hotel". This hotel is budget and comfortable. The hotel near pratunam which is an area where all clothes wholesaler are and look like SG orchard road(picture above). We took one whole morning just to shop at pratunam market. The shorts on the pics guess how much it's? it's only S$3! WOW!! all ladies' world indeed. Shopaholic spirit begins here! At around 2pm, we take a rest by sitting on the world map displayed at the central world shopping centre. less than 30mins rest, we continue our exploring at the whole pratunam district. We went to MBK, Siam paragon, Siam and Big C in the evening. Reached hotel at 9.30pm. Tired but good rewards!


Last day at bangkok, we woke up early in the morning to take our hotel breakfast. Tasty and buffet style is what we like too. Can eat alot...haha!! As afterwards, we will be going to the jutujak market (chatuchak) and shop. This market only open on weekend and is very crowded especially in the morning. There're over 1000 plus vendors and shops so we have a hard time to shop every shops. haha!! But is alright!! somethings attracts me! There're puppy store here too...they selling small afew days old or months puppy at a very very affordable and cheap rate. hmmmm thought of bringing them back to Singapore. But......cannot!!so sad! After a morning  and noon shop at jutujak, we went back to pratunam and had our dinner before going to the airport. Had a great and wonderful experience trip to kanchunaburi and bangkok. Hope i can save more $$ and i'll be back soon. 

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