Happy Chinese New Year!

Lunar New year -25 January

Reunion dinner = day before Chinese New year

Reach my aunte house at 6pm for reunion dinner, every year, we will have stream boat and yu sheng. This year, we have this too. After dinner, i spend some time playing with my cousins and also watch TV.

1st day of CNY -26 January
Gong Xi Fa Cai
1st of Chinese New Year, by tradition, i will go to my grandparent house and "bai nain"(chinese word) means pay respect visiting. Thus, in the noon time, my brother drove us over to my aunte house. Upon reaching the door step, we got ready our orange to "bai nain". Best moment came when we had our "Ang Bao"(red packet) given. Inside the red packet was a token($) from the elder to the young generation. At 2pm, Stan came to my aunte house to "bai nain". We had our lunch and new year goodies. Around evening time, i visited Stan's grandmother house. We had our dinner there and around 6plus we saw the solar eclipse still ther. Dont really see long cos we scare to spoilt our eyesight. Most of the chinese will increase the percentage of fat intake on reunion dinner and day 1 of chinese new year. Ha!Ha!
2nd Day of CNY - 27 January
River Ang Bao
Meet up with Florence, Huan Xua and Yue Rong at city hall 2pm to the River Ang Bao. Unfortunately, it will only open at 5pm onwards. Therefore, We went to Marina Square to shop but found most of the shop still in festival mood. God bless, the game arcade and food court still open but with lots of people. We went to play lot of arcade game together and I bought Uno card games so in the meantime we playing cards and eating some food in the food court. The view of the food court was good, i could see the entrance of the River Ang Bao whether it was opened or not. Finally, after our dinner at food court, the place opened it's entrance.

This year is Ox! I'm also a ox baby but i'm not so hot temper...haha!! Ox is very hardworking, just like me!! (kidding....). This year River Ang Bao is quite simple, not so fancy compare with last year. Somemore, We saw a TOTO booth(4D ticket for purchase) beside the God of wealth...hai...it was so uncultural...

3rd day of CNY- 28 January
Sentosa Flowers '09 + Winnie's hse visitation

Went with another 6 people - Stan, Jacq, Winnie, Tabitha, Huiting and Linc. Meet them up early in the morning at 10.30am. The Flower that they'd presented this year is also no as good as last year. Maybe is the financial crisis so reduce the budget. After the flower viewing, we went to visit Winnie's house for CNY season, another ang bao was given.Ya! Around 5pm, we went to town and meet up with YongXin they all to celebrate Hwee soon 24th birthday. After the celebration, me, stan, jacq and winnie. 4 of us went to watch movie-"Red cliff 2" at marina square. It was a good movie...good to watch tat....haha!! My enery was almost used up by the whole day activity...at last, go home rest and sleep....Haha!!