Year 2,Term 1 Exams

After celebrating the chinese new year, i had to study for my 2 examination papers. Really tough cos i still have the festival mood and not ready for the exam. Have 2 immunology and 2 medical mircobiology books to read and was very stress!! Sleepless night and day in the beginning of february to 9th and 11th. Throughout this 1 and half weeks, i grounded myself and start magging at home. Haii.... really tired but no choice. Last min study so I must study harder!Yeah!! so God bless!! When i went for my exam, i saw my classmate like ghost. There face turned pale and restless. Should be the exam paper make them all appeared in this way. Quite normal for that cos everytime exam, most of us will turned like this. After exam our group had a pizza feast at pizza hut @ plaza Singapura since our last paper is at MDIS (old macdonld house).

All look so relief and happy.....Cheers