Transfer new Cell group

A new change in environment and members. I, florence and winnie we are transferred to a new cell group (E469). We felt a little sad as we have a bond in the old cell group and now is dismissed but somehow we understand that it is God has a plan for us. In the new cell group, I met one of the member that is same age as me and she is already a lawyer. That's Wow! Most of them were older than me but is already a teacher and is working in professional field. Infact, That's really a great inspiration to us. We know that God will not lead us into somewhere that is discomfort or desserted but a place that we can unleash our potential for our future prospect. However, there will be some people that do not want to be lead by God and instead they choose their own way. Most people want to be happy and meet their needs at that moment of times but when times fly, they understand that when problem revealed it is then not the initial choice or way they chose. Thus, I am really glad that I can walk with God and I have another 1 years plus to complete my degree and to work in a professional field. Thanks God!