Gift from Company

Finally Friday!! Yuppy!! After a tedious and intensive weekday with work and school.
I was getting battery low ( Body weaken). My HR organised a ladies's night at Harbourfront Harry's bar at 5pm. Actually, I dont feel like going as I have class in the evening so they purposely stand beside me and make me cannot focus on my work. They said "It's early now, just go for awhile then go school. If I don't go, they stand there and wait for me". -.-!!! sweat . I felt abit awkward so in the end I joined them for the drinks.
My company vice president of HR, out of sudden said that there're a gift for someone
for appreciation on her hardwork. In my mind, I think it will not be me as I am only a new joiner and also do nothing special.
But.......the fact is........
It's Me!!
They gave me 1 pair of Gold class golden village movie voucher and $50 Sushi Tei vouchers

Then I turned my head to the HR assistant so she gave me a ":P" sign. Haha!! so funny but thanks for the surprise gift. Really appreciated and enjoying myself in my current company. I felt great and as they sees my hardwork. Thank God for these glory.