PaintBall at Treetop

Don't you recognise me??

My Buddies against Stan's buddies

Our whole team

All (2 groups together)
It was my 1st time playing paintball. Even though, it was really very tiring and we kept sweating but it was worth to play after all. I had a great experience and really enjoy myself alot. However, after the game, I found bruises on my shoulder. Stan had 10 bruises...hmmm... I guess that 3 bruises was shot by me as we are against each other during game it was just an accident....hee! We played 2 times and each time we have a different target to take and the people working there are very professional. They were shout at you if you break rules or play tricks... My ears became deaf at that moment when he shouted next to me....oh gosh! Even though, i put on the mask but it only help to protect the paint to smash onto your face (protect the face is there priority i think), that's why face no bruises but bruises over the rest of the body.
After all, had a great and tiring experience cos it was played in the morning.