KL Business Trip

9 December, Wednesday
I was late to the airport and when I reached it was already 10.50am. Initially, I need to check in the flight counter lastest at 10.45am. 5mins late and they said the counter is closed for the 11.30am flight to KL. No choice, i bought another one way ticket to KL and need to wait for another 3 hours for the next flight at 2.20pm. In the mean time, I went to have some coffee and God bless that I got bring my study reading materials over so I can read while waiting and having my lunch.
Finally, I got up on board and it was 2.45pm, the flight was delayed due to weather. I send email to my Hong Kong colleague that i will be late to meet her up at 3pm. Around 3.30pm, I landed at KLIA and took a cab over to my hotel first before meeting her. The journey from KLIA to KLCC is quite long, around 45mins so I fell asleep. The cab fare was incredibly expensive RM 74.90 = S$31.2 for one way trip. God bless that all my expenses can be claimed back from company orelse I would heart ache all the way.

Novotel Hotel KL @ 4.30pm

After a long journey from Singapore to KL, I check-in the hotel and call my HK colleague if they want to meet up regards to the event tomorrow. She said that she felt unwell so the meeting was cancelled due to the directors will only arrive at night. Hurray!! It means that I can go shopping....yeah...so happy. After putting down the phone, I took a shower and began my shopping trip to Sungei Wang (Far east shopping centre lookalike) and Berjaya time square.
Sungei Wang shopping center @ 5.30pm
I bought some cheap and nice shoes, clothes and costume jewels within 3 hours.I only taken some bread while i'm shopping so quite hungry as i skipped my dinner as I felt weird to eat alone at other country. When i saw my watch, it was already 8.30pm, try to walk to Berjaya time square but when i about to reach, i saw the shop started to close so I began to U-turn back to my hotel instead. Have a good night sleep as I need to wake up 6am the next day to prepare the event.
10 December, Thursday
Woke up at 6am, the hotel gave me a morning call at 6am and 6.15am. So far quite the service was quite good. Met my director downstairs and we had breakfast together. The event was held at Hilton hotel so around 7.30am we arrived and set up all the things and reception. The food there is very nice....eventhough i had my breakfast but still can stuff in some good food.Yummy!! The whole event last for 4 hours from 9am til 1pm so after that I went back to my hotel again to check out and took a cab to KLIA. These time the taxi even worst RM90.-.-"" I used my credit card to pay for it in the end. Took the flight at 5pm from KL to Singapore. When I reach Singapore, i took a taxi down to my school for lab class. hai -.-''' quite tiring but no choice paid my school fees so dont want to waste it.