Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!!

新年快樂! 恭禧發財!

Lunar New Year & Chinese New Year Day 1 ( 2 ~3 Feb)
Usually this 2 days, our family will all gather at my grandma hse to have the reunion dinner on lunar new year (Chinese New Year Eve). And 1st day of Chinese new year, we will first to visit our relative. I went to visit my aunts and uncles in the morning and went to Stan's grandma hse to visit at night. Usual CNY day spend.

Chinese New Year Day 2 (4 Feb)

1st station->Stan, Jacqualine, Huiting and Leonard came to my house for CNY visitation in noon and i prepared lunch for all of them. We played games and sing KTV at my house. Having FUN!

2nd Station- Jacqualine's house at Yishun

3rd Station- Huiting's house at TPY

4th Station- Wee Lee's house at Bedok

So tired and full after so many house visitation and taking red packets.

Chinese New Year Day 3 (5 Feb)

Sentosa flower 2011

Chinese New Year Day 4 (6 Feb)
CNY house visitation with Stan, Hongfei, Hweesoon, Nick, Xinyi, Flor, Jacq, Sherry

1st Station - Xinyi's House

2nd Station- Hweesoon's House

3rd Station- Stan's House

Have a great and prosperous "Rabbit" chinese new year 2011