Japan Earthquake 11 Mar' 11, Ruin My Holiday

I was shocked when I heard about the 8.9 magnitude earthquake strucked in Northern Japan, Tōhoku at the Onagawa, Miyagi prefecture and has triggered a massive tsunami, engulfing coastal areas - Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture.

Indeed, the double attacks -Earthquake and Tsunami cause destructions and nuclear radiations to its land. Japan experienced over 900 aftershocks since the earthquake in between magnitude 6.0 to 7.9.

God is really watching over me and my friends, initially, we've planned to go to Japan, Tokyo and Hokone for a week free and easy tour. It will be on the 16 Mar which is a week after the earthquake and tsunami. I was relieved that the disaster doesnt take place when we are there but happened before we went. Thus, we have cancelled all our hotel booking, flights, transportation and plan to go Japan holiday at this time of point. It was really saddening.... -.-" Nevertheless, i still thank God for protecting me and His guidance.