My Birthday Celebration

Pre-birthday Celebration on 14 Oct

At Goodwood Park Hotel

Taiwanese Porridge Buffet

My Birthday Presents from Dear Dear Stan

My Birthday "15 Oct"

Woke up early for my piano teaching at Bukit Timah, my student is having her grade 3 theory exam on 29 oct so I have to rush her theory revision and having some mob test paper. She'd spotted me that it is my birthday so she already prepared a simple bracelet:) " felt touched". Not too bad girl! Still have the heart to remember your piano teacher's birthday.

After teaching, i went down to church at Suntec for Service.

Birthday Celebrated at Bumbu Restuarant in Arab Street

My Birthday Presents from Cell group members

The Peranakan Chinese Buffet

Photos - Birthday celebration with Cell group
After Celebrating with my Cell group, i went down to orchard with Stan, Winnie and Joshua to meet up with Kay, Jacq and Jolin.

Watching Movie together

After 12am, it's 16th Oct and now is Jacqueline's birthday, exchanging of birthday presents:)