Day1 to Day7 of Chinese New Year 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

It's a very busy but fun time every year during CNY.
1st day of CNY- 23 Jan

Noon time went house visitation(Bai Nian)at my auntie place.Usually i will have 4 red packets but this year, i got one extra red packet(angbao) because my cousin just married last year, so he had to give me...wahhaaaa! shioka! After visiting my side, i have to go Stan's place for bai nian. he have alot relatives at his side hence a prosperous visit and i got around 10 angbaos. Yeah!!

My new clothes,bag and shoes for CNY Day 1

2nd day of CNY -24 Jan

visiting my uni-friend - Jacqueline & Huiting , as well my primary school classmate - Jian mei's place

At last, they came to my house and also others - Thanks Liu Xiang for the cooking

3rd day of CNY-25 Jan
Sentosa flower exhibition

with my family

Nice Flowers

For more photo - Sentosa Flower 2012
4th & 5th day of CNY -26 & 27 Jan
Need to work....sob sob!!
6th day of CNY -28 Jan
Visiting Stan's House with Florence, BingQian, Shufen, Xinyi and YongXin
My New clothes of the day

After visiting, we went down to Suntec and attend our church service
7th day of CNY-29 Jan
Ready?? Start from morning and End at night, house visitation to Xinyi, Hweesoon, Winnie and finally YongXin's house.

"Gong Xi Fa Cai"

It's Hwee soon's Birthday today!!Happy Ren Ri & birthday to you!!

After Hweesoon's house, we proceed to Winnie's place

the whole day we are eating, drinking, playing card games,playing wii, watching TV, chitchatting and eat again. Enjoy the day...:)

The rabbit year has gone and dragon year has come... may this year be a year of harvesting and blessings

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