Day8 to Day15 of Chinese New Year

8th to 12th day of CNY ( 30 Jan to 3 Feb)

Working Hard....

13th day of CNY(4 Feb)

Around 1pm, I meet up with Joyce Tan at suntec for swimming and we saw 2 groups learning swimming( Toddle 1 -2 years old and kids 3-5 years old). They caught our attention. Especially the group of Toddle, where their mummy/daddy holding their arm and the coach teaching them how to swim. floating toys in the pool for them to have a good catch and learn to kick their legs. At another corner, the kids ' swimming instructor is very funny, they told the kids " look at the 2 babes there"(Me and Joyce happy for a second)and he added another sentence and turns us off. He said " both of them swam very lousy"( -.-"" speechless for both of us). We knew that he was joking and want to ask the kids to swim better infront of us. *Sweating*

After Swim, We went to attend " How to build a good realtionship" Workshop by Dr Robi Sonderegger. He is a Clinical Neurologist and an anointed man of God. It has been an inspirational and knowledging session with him, Inwhich, connecting faith with psychology.

14th day of CNY(5 Feb)

Around 2pm, we arrived at Kerine's house. I had a wonderful time with Stan and some of my colleagues. Ater there, Me and Stan went down to Yongxin's house for "loi hei".

15th day of CNY (6 Feb)
Yuanxiao Festival/Yuánxiāojié (元宵节) that is the last day of Chinese New Year and "loi hei" . During Lunch, we'd gathered the chinese colleagues to "loi hei" for the last time at Paradise Inn Suntec.

For more photos: Last day of CNY

Yeah!! Excited moment...counting how many packet of Ang bao(red packets) i've for this year chinese new year season. Counting in process.....

A total of 28 red packets collected *Happy* :> hee hee

It is mean that I will have more harvest this year?? I know God will create a miracle for me. Yeah!!