Australia - Mebourne Day 1

Day 1 - Melbourne
Boarded a red-eye flight (fly during midnight) and arrived on sat morning
Autumn-summer season, however the weather is still cooling. Even though, there is sun light but I'm still feeling cold~~freezing

Traveling together with Rudy and Francisca (Rudy's Sis)

Behind us is our hostel shuttle bus
Free local transport if you book min of 4 nights stay.
After 20mins of waiting for other passengers, the bus starts to move...*sweat*

Here we are!! At our Hostel
Habitat HQ- St Kilda
It is a modern and trendy hostel
(very cozy living room, may linger around and socialize with other foreign traveler) 

(Shared toilet for those in shared bedroom, fun area and in-house local tour agency)
Most importantly is Free Wifi. * Spot us in the mirror *

Check-in to our en-suite room, they have a private toilet and TV in the room
As well, mini pantry with free tea and coffee. It's much similar to a hotel room.
Well, this is good enough for the 3 of us:) Enjoy!
Out we Go!!

 Waiting for the Tram.
Please take note: exchange enough coin before boarding the tram
Tram is here!!(Yarra Tram)
 Inside the Tram, there is a ticket machine which stated varies packages for our selection :
Eg. single trip, travel within 2 hours, 1 full day....
Free Shuttle and Tram services are available in the CBD area (Town) only. operating hour from 9am - 6pm.
Yeah!! most of the tourist attraction is located at the CBD area. so don't need to worry about transport.
(Please refer to Melbourne Day 2 journal)
Exploring around...See See, Look Look!
We are opposite Flinders Street Station

Pass-by the St Paul's Cathedral and cross over along Swenston Street
 Lunch Time @ Subway Melbourne ( Price and Food Portion is the same as in Singapore) 
After our recharging meal, is time to continue our adventure to explore around the CBD area

Guess where is the toilet?
Ans: OMG! It's in the middle of the road...Really so public!

So many funny thing we saw on our way.
Visiting the Queen Victoria Market
They are selling lots of clothes, boots, fruits and souvenirs
* Remarks * - Don't buy anything from there, it is very expensive except for the souvenirs.
The fruits are not really very fresh but looks good only.

After a while of shopping, we found a cafe next to the market and bought ourselve a banana ice cream split to share. Taste good but not cheap. It's AUD5!

Thereafter, we went back to Federation Square
always remember to grab a "free" shuttle route map and Melbourne Map @ Melbourne Visitor Centre
 We entered into Federation Square building, very funny building (look at the ceiling) yet artistic in it's way. We also noticed there is books market! Book Sales every Saturday!! 

Walking along the Yarra River
Now crossing over Yarra River Bridge. Along the way, we found this stature.
and found this beautiful city!!

 As we are walking, saw this (below photo), the dog was so cool!! Can only find this in Australia, if you do this in Singapore, the traffic police will come to "fine" = $$ you.
After 30mins of slow walking and sightseeing, we've reached National Gallery of Victoria
We just snapped a photo of it. If you want to go in, need to pay for the entrance fees.

The sky is getting darker and it's dinner time
This Thai restaurant along Grey street towards Fitzroy street
 The food is good and the price isn't expensive. Must try if you are here!
There is a pub and a 24hour mini mart next to it.

 After dinner, we walk along Barkly Street and came to Acland Street
The night is still young!
There were lot of night life at this area and let's see what funny stuffs we'd found.
The cakes were very attractive and colorful.Tempted to grab one!
Along the way, we saw some interesting shops name and their shop design.

Visited the Luna Theme Park!!
It's closed at 11pm during weekend
 No entrance fee requires, they charge by per ride at AUD 9. Wow!! It's damn worth to try.

Therefore, we went back hostel ... Zzzzz...Sleeping Time!

To be continue- refer to Australia-Melbourne Day 2