Australia - Mebourne Day 4

23 Oct 2013
The Great Ocean Road 1 Day Tour
(more on sight-seeing)
From Melbourne CBD to TGOR, it took a total of 3 hours non-stop rides

I was wondering, where were we have our breakfast?
Along the way, there were neither cafes nor bistros around the vicinity.
I only saw beaches and mountains.
Surprisingly, in the mid of our journey, our tour guide alighted all of us in the van and he took out 2 containers which one was full of utensils and another are packed with loaves, biscuits, cheese, butter and Jam. As well, 2 metal pots which contain of tea and coffee.
Wow!! Having our breakfast near the beach, breathing morning air and
enjoying a cup of tea are the most pleasure things to do.
After breakfast, taking a stroll around the area

Journey continues: On the way to "Light House"
When we alighted, we saw a nice country house!
Here I was! At the Light House with someone special!
Yup! is Rudy!!
It is great to have a chance to come here! The creation of God is so the beautiful!
Thereafter, we enter into "The Great Ocean Road"!!
along the way, the tour guide drop us somewhere to interact with the birds
Beware!! There were many birds flying around!!Watch out!
I was attacked!! but it was fun to fight and play with them!

After the fight, time to lunch... I was famished!
We came into a little town
 Yeah! Finally...can have some bites
Came to a crowded bistro

The food was Good and Delicious!

After meal, we went into the jungle!! Adventure Hunt!

Smells of rain forest and beautiful flowers... really relax my mind
Thereafter, It's beach time!! with no bikini and trunk!!
Watch Me!
 Watch Us!
Footprint Story

London Bridge in Melbourne

~Twelve Apostles~
There is a long walk way, around 10-15mins walk
Finally, we got here!
Those are the twelve apostles symbol
 Nice walk way!

Next station, we visiting Loch Ard Gorge

Next Stop - Time & Tide

Visitor's Centre at my back
 Is time to go back!!
Private Jet anyone??
Dinner Time
 My food is here! The restaurant environment is neat and nice
Way back to Melbourne CBD area... Slept in the van for 3 hours

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