Australia - Sydney Day 1

25 Oct 2012
Good morning Sydney
Morning view from our room
Do you believe this is a hostel?
well furnished and facilitated at the lobby
Tour counter available
Time for breakfast..Yummy!Yummy!
After breakfast, we were excited to explore around the vicinity
 It was good to walk rather than taking bus after last night fried stuffs
Along Chinatown Road
Here we are at Paddy Market
Lots of stuffs here at very reasonable price
My favorite drink store spotted outside Paddy's Market - Bubble Tea
Grabbed a cup! YaHoo!!
Continue our shopping
After a short tour in Paddy Market, we came to CBD area
The weather is really good ...sunny yet cooling
 Enjoying the stroll
Cockle Bay Wharf

Purchased tickets to Sea Life Sydney and Madame Tussuad

1st station - Sea Life Sydney
Similar with Singapore SEA Aquarium, however, the different is without the largest oceanarium
Is it fun here!!
Lots of beautiful corals
Fishes... oh....Sharks!!!
sorry is crab!!
*Think i'm hungry*

Next Station at Madame Tussauds
You can get close and personal with your favorite celebrity wax figures..etc
Enjoying ourself by posing around...
Having Fun
Rudy with President Obama
Enjoying the fellowship
Voom Voom!!
meet my new friends
The new rock band ~ "VIP"
Performance Time
Scientific wonders
Rudy's Time
Hey Babe!!
We are the Iron Man!
Guess where am I?
Bollywood Channel

Hollywood Channel
Fun place! Do visit!
This photo costed AUD30 for the frame and photo.
Thus, we didn't bought it but took a quick snap
Near to evening around 5pm
we walked towards Sydney Tower
Along the way, we are fascinated by this Victorian Building
Queen Victoria Building

Atas shopping center
Played a soft melody in the building
Around 6pm, we came up to the Sydney Tower

The night scenery was fantastic

Thereafter, we went for dining place nearby here
It was located in a supermarket
" Met 3 cafeteria 
Thereafter, we bought some snacks back to enjoy
Walking back hostel to rest! Good night!
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