Prayer Meeting Sermon

Pastor Tan shared a sermon regarding on LIFE during Friday Prayer Meeting.
He mentioned that God created your life for a purpose.
There is one part that he shared that "WOW(ed)" the whole congregation including me.

He said
God give us lives but we choose our life:

 1. Life of "I" ( LIFE) 
all about himself/herself - being selfish and self-centered
2. Life of  "If" (LIFE)
doubting all their life - (e.g.) If God help me with $$, all things can be done.
3. Life of  "Lie" (LIFE)
Not only by telling lie to others is consider lie, but also to themselves is also too.
When everything is not alright, you say " It is fine "
Things may even get worst.
*Important* God will look at how you lead your life because it is your choice.

Really impacted by what Paster Tan sharing.


Unknown said…
Pastor Tan is really creative in his sermon! :D