Hanoi Holiday!

Day 1
Here we are at Hanoi, Vietnam.
Can't wait to meet our long long friend Anna!
So happy to see her again
She bought us to this restuarant for dinner
The signature dish is fried fish
I seldom eat fried food but indeed this was good! Thumb up!
Our friend told us that this place is very famous in Hanoi and always full house.
After our dinner, chill out at this riverside cafe
The ambient was good and nice scenery
Catching up with Anna
Having long chat and laughter.
Day 2
It is a great place to understand vietnamese culture and history
They offer an insight into the 54 different ethnic groups of Vietnam

Thereafter, we went to the outdoor display area exhibits a variety of Vietnamese homes as full-scale replicas, with great attention paid to the varying architectural styles set within the authentic and tranquil gardens

Lunch Time at Quan An Ngon
Renowned restuarant in Hanoi Town
the locals love this place
Can't resist the delicious dishes
Rudy teaching you how to eat it correctly
After a great sumptuous meal, we visited the day market and at the same time digest our lunch.
Compared the day market with Bangkok, the items here were cheaper but variety was lesser 
Usually day market are not allowed to burgain. Most of the stall owner will scold you if you are trying to lower their retail price.
After 3hours of shopping and walking around
It is dinner time!
Guess what was the red color dish on the left hand size?
It was duck blood with pig organs actually and is one of Vietnamese favourite dish.
I tried one scoop and that's enough for me.
Try it yourself and maybe you will like it
Day 3
32 USD/person (with kayak)
Halong Bay which is full with mountains and sea sight.
Don't expect much from here.
Of course, I do enjoyed myself with the great scenery and fresh air but the excitement only last for 30 mins due to the whole cruise trip to Halong bay was around 1 hour plus. Thus, my excitement decreases and left us feeling bored on board by looking at the similar sceneries which were surrounded by mountains and sea, mountains and again sea...
There were some floating houses and people were living at the area.
Most of the people staying over there, is offering kayaking service. Truly, the sceneries with kayating experience makes the difference here. We strolled around freely with our kayak and feeling great within. The scenery became so superium as we can have a closer look to it.
Thus, don't miss the chance of kayaking otherwise you will miss the fun! 
Thereafter, we visit Natural Wonder of The World
It is actually visiting caves and natural formation of rock structures.
The tour ends here as the jouney back took us 3 hours back to town -.-"
Dinner at streets delicacy
Trying out their local street food with courage as we were particular with the hygiene on street stall.
But we felt that sometimes it would be good to taste their authentic local street food. Of course, we do take note of the stall condition and surrounding as some are really unhygiene especially on their cooking style. In fact, the street stall we tried was alright, the food might not look appealing but it was really good and tasted delicious! Especially the below dish.
Tried beef Pho and Pig Blood Tofu
Day 4 - Last Day
29 USD/person with extra cycling tour
Hao Lu Indochine Dynasty Palace trip
Visited the Indochine Dynasty Palace
Great scenery and didnt feel like I am in Vietnam.
PS* Beware of those photographers strolling around and taking photos of you without your notice or permission. They will print the photo and ask you for money. You need to be firm and reject them by saying "NO" or otherwise, they will pester and follow you around when you are walking in the palace.
Thereafter, Tam coc River and Bicycle Trip
I love here more than Halong Bay
lots of floating vendors
The boat ride was really cool and awesome.
Entering into caves and mongroove
Wonder how we transpassed the hill?

Yes, by bending our body to pass through the small and narrow entrance
PS* Beware of those floating vendors as their items were doubled the price from the town night market. As well, we've occurred a woman photographer paddling around taking photos. Similar to Hao Lu but the difference was that it was boat ride so we can't take photo of ourselve nicely. Hence, we permitted her to take photos of us. Hence, once you've reached the land, she pass us the photos printed nicely with album. But the price wasn't cheap, SGD30 for 35 pieces and I have noticed some photos wasn't really taken nicely. Nevertheless, we can't take the photo by ourself, thus, take this as our souvenior.
Cycling Trip at last
Going down and entering the village
Along the way, the tour guide will stop and guide you around the famous tourist vicinity nearby.
Up the hill and there was these temple
Ladies are requested to cover up in order to visit.
Here I was, wore a yellow plastic cloth to cover up.
Indeed, the scenery was fantastic from the hill top!
Enjoyable trip and greatly recommended place to visit.
After 1 hour ride back to city, we visited the night market.
It was crowded with people and tourist.
Our final dinner with our Hanoi friends Anna and her Husband
 Take Care and will see you soon.