Florence's Bday celebration!!

Florence's Birthday Celebration
49 Seats casual dining located at outram park.
Finally, we are here!
True enough, they are called 49 seats!
Indeed, the seats are really limited
we came a few times and try our luck to get seat but it was always crowded with people queuing up.
 which make us no choice but to shift to somewhere else for dinner.
Thank God!
 We are finally here! After 3 times of trying and fnally we can get our seats.
Tip * Always remember to make reservation 1 week in advance
The main courses were good and price isnt expensive at all
Worth it! 
After we had our dinner, we requested the staff to assit us to bring out the birthday cake so that we can celebrate Florence's birthday. 
To our surprise, they'd placed the cake on a beautiful wooden board
which enhances the whole birthday celebration.
 Indeed, a thumb up *Good* for their service
No wonder it was always packed and crowded with people queuing.
I will definitely visit this place again during my lunch time.
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