Hello Kitty Theme Park Johor

Upon arrival to Johor from woodland causeway link,
we took a private taxi to Hello Kitty Theme Park which cost us RM40.
*Tip - Do board a meter charging taxi instead for a cheaper rate at RM30.
After 15-20mins of car ride, we've arrived to our destination
Hello Kitty Theme Park and The Big Club Johor
Opening hour 10am-6pm
*Tip - Do not purchase your ticket on spot which cost RM110. I bought might from my local travel agency which cost us SGD40 each for both parks.
There're few restuarants and it is just next to Trader's Hotel
 Photo snapping time!!
Gigantic Hello Kitty Figure
Here we are!!
Welcome to Hello Kitty Town
Lots of plushies to hug!!
Lovely dance floor for both of us

Entering into Kitty's Mansion
 so lovely and cute
"Ladies in Pink"
 playing real hard
 those dresses were too small for us
WOW! Can I bring them back?
Entering the Kitty's Kitchen
It's bathing time
 Calling friends now for free bath.
Thereafter, we went " Wishful studio"
It contain lots of activities such as the below
Cookies decoration
Kitty cried: "Dont eat me"
Handicraft works
* Can bring them back. Yeah!
Haha! I guess that most guys will faint over here
Nail studio - free painting of nails
There is a Kitty's Dressing Room
the photos were too cute to be uploaded!
Visiting this Kitty's Maze Castle
The story goes: Kitty was kidnapped, thus, Dear Daniel (Kitty's bf) is trying to save her
 We are given lamp to explore around and finding clues to rescue Kitty from the bad guy.


Yeah, we found the clue

We are given an activity card as each location only can visit once.
Fun and lovely theme park for girls & ladies