Legoland Theme, Water Park & Hotel Visitation

Company trip to Legoland Theme Park, Water Park and Hotel Visitation!
It's time to play!!Yeah

Let's go!!
Don't be deceived by the park map below
It looks like a small area but in fact it has huge premises.
* be prepared to have a long walk *

 Excited for a roller coaster rides??


Lego Castle

Here comes the Princess Michelle fighting with Beast Nicholas :p
Round 1...fight*
I lost! sob sob
Ended in prisoner cage....-.-"
I'm free now!
Having some fun snaps
It's time for the 4-D adventure show

Lunch Time!!
This set cost us RM40
but it tasted good

After lunch, we continue our journey...
so hot and humid!
Tip - Remmeber to bring umbrella or cap as it has limited sheltered area for shades.

Minature World

Around the world in 30mins

This is Singapore!
After a hot and sunny play at the theme park, we finally got a wonderful dip in.... 
Legoland Water Park!

enjoying myself in the lazy river

 Want to have a nice splash?
we took 3 to 4 hours to complete the water park

After taking some water slides and dipped ourselve in the cooling water. our group proceed to Legoland Hotel
Play area at the hotel lobby

Free play of Lego
Felt like a kid again!
Childhood memories
Now visiting the hotel rooms

Another hotel room

Passed by the nearby shopping district before we head back to our coach
quench our thirst by grabbng a cup of bubble tea for ourselve
it is a really hot and dry weather
Time for shopping

This is the end of my legoland trip
Home sweet home

Tips and things to take note if you are visiting Legoland soon!
1. Do wear something cooling
(Weather is really hot and humid) 

2. Bring extra clothing
(Expect to sweat it out)

3. Bring umbrella or raincoat as there is limited shelter in the park
(In case it rains, you are at least well protected)

4. Apply Sunblock with at least SPF 130 or more than one application
(I've applied a SPF 80 sunblock and thought I was UV protected. In fact, nope, I still tanned!)

5. Don't pack your own food
(As the weather is hot and humid, all our sandwiches turns sours, cold drinks turns warm.
Moreover, the meal in the park are mostly selling at RM20 =SG10, so is still affortable)

6. Best to visit the water park on the same day
( 2 parks in 1 day package ticket is cheaper and may take a shower before you return back to SG)

For more information about Legoland Hotel and their 2 Parks

How to travel from SG to Legoland

or you may check out package deals with coach transport

Play like a child and stay youthful!