Cafe Explore - T.A.Z Cafe and Bistro

T.A.Z Cafe and Bistro
Are you a dog's lover or dog's owner? 
Pet friendly cafe where you may bring your dog down to find their playmates
or to socialise around and play with the dogs there.
The cafe is spacious and clean,
There isn't any strong dog smells lingering the cafe.
As well, the owner of the shop is very friendly.
She will come out to play with your dogs and chit chat with dog's owner too.
as well, I love those quotes and dogs photos hanging on the walls
Any food for your pet?
(Click the picture to enlarge the menu)
Reminding all dog owners to be responsible!
The cafe serves main course as well
But let's begin with an appetizer
Club sandwich
Spicy crayfish spaghetti

 It's dessert time!
we tried waffle with chocolate ice cream and banana
Yummy dishes
As well, not forgetting to play with them
So cute! she thought that I am giving food for her
Haha!! Empty
OMG!! She is trying to kiss me:P
They selling cute and lovely clothes for dogs too!
It is a fun place to spend with your friends and family.
Do visit the place at the below address
10 Jalan Leban
For more details do visit & bistro