Hong Kong Trip 10 oct - Day 2

Hong Kong Trip - Day 2
Transferred at Sunny Bay to Disneyland Resort line
The train with Micky Mouse window.
It was so cute!

The tickets to our childhood
I bought this admission tickets online which cost HKD425 each (Original price is HKD450)
Here we are at Hong Kong Disneyland
Princess Michelle entering into the castle....* dreaming *
Its a small world but yet we met
Prince Rudy to the royal banquet
Never thought the queue for Winnie the Pooh will be so long.
At least 1 hours waiting time. It was a Friday...puzzled!
Toy Story Theme

Some exciting rides here
So fast and my tummy was complaining....
" I am hungry "
Our lunch
The food were all expensive.
1 set cost us SGD $10-$12. Wow!
To no complains as we were all hungry
After lunch, we continue having fun.
Ice cream cost us SGD$5-$6 each
The soft toys indeed were expensive, each around SGD$45-$50
 Let's meet our new friends from Monster University.
October was a good month to visit Disney
As they were having Halloween Event at night
The park closed at 11pm instead of 7pm.
we can play longer and worth the money we spend for the admission
Visiting their haunted house
Face your fear... 
Night with the vampires
Good nights