Saturday, March 14, 2015

Surprise Proposal in Paris

Didn't notice or realise anything unusual except for his unusual shower in the morning and request to wear nice for photo taking at Eiffel Tower.
*He declared that to take a nice shot of us with Eiffel Tower.

Indeed, I didn't realise that he meant for the event in the evening.
After visiting Eiffel Tower, at the garden premises, I was attracted by a nice White Cinderella Carriage. Thus, I asked him to take a photo of it.

Thereafter, they have some conversation and it goes like this -
Rudy: Hi! Sir, you have a nice carriage. Do we have the pleasure to board on it?
Carriager: Hi! My Lord, you may but depends on who. What is your name my Lord?
Rudy: I'm Rudy
Carriager: and how about you Princess?
Me: I'm Michelle
Carriager: Hence, for both of you, Lord Rudy and Princess Michelle,
 you are granted to sit on the carriage.

I'm so shocked! In my mind, I thought ""
But the truth is...nope...
It wasn't free but was reserved before hand by Rudy.

He said that it was a nice and new way to enjoy night city tour in Paris.
so I didn't realise anything unusual....until....
at Pont Alexandre III bridge
Surprised! Rudy proposed to me here! both  of us were freezing as the weather was 3 degree.

When he nervously said " Will you marry me?
My answer is.....
Thanks honey for this wonderful and fairytaled theme proposal
Truely, I like it alot and also appreciate all your efforts and advance preparation.
Love You!
Indeed, I am a blessed women
At last, showing off my *bling bling*

Do enjoy the video clip - Rudy's proposal to Michelle

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