No No & Yunita's Wedding

Group of crazy people going to Semarang to attend No No & Yunita's wedding

Day of arrival

Our first meal at Paragon Semarang 
The bakso is quite different. Must Try*

After our lunch, we went to walk around the shopping mall before we head for our dinner
Good life to eat, shop, eat, shop *Giggle*
Praise God for provision

Our dinner at Ikan Bakar & Seafood Restaurant 
Heard from my Indonesia friends that this place is famous and popular for local people
Indeed, crowded in the outer and inner courts.
The food was delicious!
I'll definitely come again

Thereafter, head off to No No's villa at Bandungan area

After an hour ride, here we are!!
(Villa photo is taken next day)
Bought snacks and bottled water to last us through out the night * Party Time*

Day 2

Good Morning! Selamat Pagi!

Found some guys doing meditation early in the morning
not sure what meditation is this.
Look like some form of Yoga + Stretching + free style
Having fun in the pool

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Day 3
Wedding Day!

Outfit of the day #OOTD
going to No No & Yunita church matrimony
They have a fun culture which is to release balloons
I love it! So unique...

Thereafter, went back to hotel and change to our evening outfit

Quote of the day
At the wedding dinner
our group were called to dance on stage
*Malu* mean embarrassing 

Selfie on stage

here comes the groom and bride