Beauty Corner - Essential CC Oil and Essential Night Care Milk

Recently, I went to have my hair colored before attending a wedding in Surabaya.
I know that the bleaching powder used is very damaging for hair, but then, in order to obtain that color. I have no choice.... Sob sob!

The Essential CC Oil and Essential Night Care Milk  just came right in time!

Use Essential CC Oil leave on treatment (60ml, Retail Price SGD$11.90) before my flight

How it works?
Follow the steps below:
1. Use on towel-dried or damp hair, or before blow drying
2. Pump an appropriate amount onto palm
3.Spread and apply evenly onto hair, concentrating on mid-length to tip of hair.
4. Do no rinse off.
5. Apply it in the morning and re-apply it as and when throughout the day when you need it 
6. For optimum results, use after Essential shampoo and conditioner

Rushing to airport, please pardon the photo taken
Before vs After (Left to Right)
Spot the difference!
To make myself clear, I have actually combed my hair before and after photo taking.
My hair is in a mess and my comb stuck half-way through combing before applying the CC oil and
I was amazed on my first application of CC oil, my hair turns to be much more neater and combing went smooth finally. 
Thankfully, I can go to airport looking good and more tidier.

I've applied Essential Night Care Milk leave on treatment (100ml, Retail Price SGD$11.90) 
in the evening before my friend's wedding.

How it works?
Follow the steps below:
1.      Use on towel-dried or damp hair, or before blow-drying
2.      Can also be used on dry hair
3.      Pump an appropriate amount onto palm
4.      Spread and apply evenly onto hair, concentrating on mid-length to tip of hair
5.      Do not rinse off.
6.    For better results, ensure that hair is completely dry before going to bed or night out

I could say that it is really really good!
 I didn't expect my hair condition look so fabulous on my first application. Am really worried that my hair will appears in worst condition on the occasion due to the chemical used for hair coloring. Nevertheless, I didn't even dare to use hair spray and hair wax.
Indeed, look at the photo below, I am so satisfied!
The night care milk really moisture every single tips of my hair.
Tada! Looking Good?
Loving it! 
In love with the night care milk so much after this experience.
It is rich yet non-greasy and can smell its fresh floral fragrance. So nice!
After the wedding, we return back to the hotel, it took us 1 hour away from the resort to our hotel stay, Hence, I went to bed without washing my hair. *Shy giggling*
Surprisingly, I woke up the next day still looking good. My hair not in mess and it is still smooth. 
It protect from pillow damage and helps to repair, as well giving moisture to the hair over the night when you are sleeping.

Introduction the "Evil 5"

1. Master Blow drying
Quick dry after hair wash?
Solution: Blow Dry?
You need to reconsider again! 
It can damage your hair by removing moisture from it, leaving your hair to be brittle and dry. 

2. Miss Combing
Combing through long and wet hair is no easy feat, especially for those with dry hair condition. Friction could be caused by combing, thus, resulting hair tangles your hair and forming hair knots which makes it prone to unnecessary breakage.

3. Madam Split Ends
 It is often seen at our hair tips as it is the oldest and driest part. When the protective hair cuticle is destroyed at the end of your hair, your hair splits into two or more parts. It can also cause fraying of the hair shaft. Indeed, we need to be aware. Everyday turns to be a bad hair day!

4. Mrs Hair Breakage
Often caused by daily combing, brushing, heat styling and blow drying, Tight tying of hair into a ponytail, twirling your hair with your fingers, exerting excessive stress on your hair, resulting in hair breakage.

5. Mr Dryness
Office worker and Sea-sport lover need to take note!
Exposure to the sun, wind or even air-conditioning too often can cause dryness to your hair. The hair cuticle that protects your hair becomes weaken and is unable to retain moisture within the cuticles of the hair once this external stress attacks.

 These products helped me to achieve healthy, gorgeous and manageable hair day in and out.
So try it out today!

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 Hair Stress Brothers and the Pesky Pillow King!

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