Cell Group Outing - Pokemon Hunt & Waterguns Fight

CG outing on a Sunny Sunday!

Pokemon hunting @ Sentosa

Fruitful day! We caught Pikachu and some cute Pokemon!

Now here the fight!
DOTS Watergun Challenge

Team 1
Captain - Jia Hao
Sergeant - Angela
Soldier - Rudy & Hong Fei
Cilivian - Joyce

Team 2
Captain - Yong Xin
Sergeant - Hwee Soon
Soldier - Jing Ying & Fang
Civilian - Shu Fen

I am the game master!
* Evil Laughter*

All teams on stand-by

Rules of the games
The army need to protect the only civilian, once the civilian is down, the whole army fail.
Towel tissue is issued to individual - representing "Life" for each
They need to protect themselve to avoid water gun to aim to the "Life" as it is fragile
Once, the towel tissue is fully soak or drop, this consider as recruit falls.




Every one running around and to protect their civilian

He was ambushed... Poor thing...

Filling up water for round 2
Everyone trying to escape
Team 1 Captain Vs Team 2 Captain

It is a fun game! Back to childhood