Rudy & Michelle's Enchanted Wedding - The St Regis Hotel Singapore - Wedding lunch review

Rudy & Michelle's Enchanted Wedding
25 Sept 2016, Sunday

Marriage is a commitment!
 When two are joined together as one
I am thankful to God that I have found the one that my soul loves

Christine, our hotel coordinator has done a great job for our lunch wedding banquet and arrangement

The ballroom 
Setting is so beautiful! 

Flower provided by Sing See Soon 
Very beautiful flower arrangement and color selection

Wedding Favor
Rudy and I have attended a few of our friend's wedding, and we've noticed that some or almost 50% of guest didn't bring back the wedding favors. 

To me, I felt awful as the item represent token of appreciation from couple, so that when we see the item, we can remember their wedding day. No matter what's the gift, we should bring it back even we don't use it. It is a form of respect.

Hence, to avoid such thing happen, rather than those common wedding gift provided by hotel, we thought of making something special and unique for our guest.

we have specially ordered and prepared personalize towels as our wedding favor for our guest 

To be honest, this couldn't be possible without the help of Christine, my bridesmaids and friends ( Anna, Frits, Ben,...and you know who you are) for helping us with the wedding favor table arrangement and packing. All my guests love it! 

As well, I would like to thank our vendor Benna Baby Sg for their assistance especially my last min. orders, chasing them for quick production. Really appreciate the friendly team who is always willing to help and accommodate to my requests. I might be an annoyed customer to them (I guess only) :P

"Once in awhile
Right in the middle of an
Ordinary life
Love gives us a

Noticed something?

The bear worn the same color gown as mine :P

All those beautiful decorations were done by my lovely brother - Jireh and Rudy's Sis - Sisca. 

Candy Bar
Done by Rudy's sis - Sisca and Linda

"Love begins in a moment,
 grows over time 
and lasts an eternity"

Our Wedding Planner
My wonder woman - Yong Xin, thanks for being so supportive and accomodative throughout the whole wedding planning. It is such a great joy to have you to be my wedding planner and coordinator. Without your guidance and advices during this period, I don't think that the flow on actual day will be so smooth.

Our Emcee
Thanks Anna and Frits for your help. Your've done a fantastic job! The whole ballroom is filled with laughter by your jokes and games. It is my pleasure to have you to host on my actual day

Food Review
We are please and glad to choose St Regis Hotel, 
not only the ballroom is nice and beautiful. Indeed, the food dishes presented is delicious

Feedback from my guest,
most of them love the dishes especially the fish.
some even describe to us their experience when eating the fish
 ~ Wow! It has melting sensation!

7 courses of chinese cuisine

(Photo credited to my friend - Matthew Tan)

The Brides' Team

Peilin, Zhihui, Angela, Ariella and Jacqueline, thanks for always being there for me!
Wonderful and awesome bridesmaid!

The Bestman's Team

Thanks brother Noel, Yoseph, Fritz, Lenco and Chamdr

It is great to have a photo booth on wedding
All my guest, having fun with the snaps & poses!
Thanks Confetti Assembly for the amazing service

Other sponsors for our wedding

Thanks for the sponsorship and products by:

Hosanna Studio for save the date photos

 Ninety Nine Case for his Mr and Mrs handphone casing
Couple casing just in time for the celebration

Mary Kay beauty product from Desiree

Nice customized brides and groom's hanger from Premium Gift

and jrstudiowerkz for this elegant leather passport casing
with our name engraving on it!

In Summary of our wedding vendors

Prewedding photography - Queena SG
Gown and Suit - Queena SG
Save the dateHosanna Studio
Main photographer and videographer - Mojo idea
Sub Photographer - Fang and Matthew
Photo booth - Confetti Assembly
Wedding favor - Benna Baby Sg
Flowers - Sing See Soon
 Couple's hanger - Premium Gift
Bridesmaid dress Bearbieshop
Bestman - Bearbieshop
 Leather passport holder - jrstudiowerkz