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Christmas is around the corner!
I'm thankful and overwhelmed by Beauty Keeper for their gracious blessings

Products received

 Too many to try so would like to share and review some of the products that I've used so far

Ethel AHAsource of citric acid tablets 

Do you belong to acidic physique? Always eat out? 

It is common for workers in Asia to work overtime, resulting in fatigue & low metabolism rate. Hence, it is important to keep a good health by having a good citric acid cycle.

For me, it is a little sour for comsumption but when i know that it helps gradually on reducing kidney stones in my body. Nevertheless, I endured! it sourness for great health so try it!

Daily consumption of 3-5 tablets for better detoxification

Herbal acne control SOS stick!

 It pumps up the oxygen and helps to repair the skin and blackholes

I have 

The Anion Skin Towel

is made of the ultimate synthetic micro-fiber and germanium by a Nano-tech compound process. It helps to clean pores, removes blackheads, eliminates clogging cellular matter, make up and pollutants.

Tested for make up remover
Unfortunately, after use, my towel stained.
To be honest, its micro fibre is really soft and nice when contact to skin, more suitable for facial wash use rather than remove make up. Tried my hard time, cleaning the towel.

Shan Camellia Essential Intensive Hair Oil
Personally, I love its botanical rain forest smell. Felt like I was having a hair spa.
After application, My hair became shiny and smooth,
It doesn't left you with greasy texture but instead moisture and smooth silky hair.
Good project to recommend

Sevynal Whitening Firming repair mask 

It contains placenta extract to help repair damaged skin and anti-wrinkles too.

 100% cotton mask which adheres firmly to my skin for better penetration

refer to the above photo, my skin became brighten and smooth after application, my eyes wrinkled lines reduces. Love it!

Yoho power collagen powder
It is always good to replenish my collagen level!! 50000mg is what I need now!! 
getting older and to some of you, you know what I menat.

It has nice grape taste and easy to consume or bring during travel.

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