10 things to do in Maldives during your honeymoon trip - Club Med Finolhu & Kani

Honeymoon Trip to Maldives
(In Nov 2016)

ready to set off

After 5 hours of flight
Here we are in Maldive
free ferry shuttle to Club Med Finolhu Villas

The best things about Club Med Maldives is that they have segregated family and couples resort. Club Med Kani is more for family-oriented and Club Med Finolhu is meant more for couples, I felt great throughout our honeymoon staying in Finolhu villa, as the place is more serene and we got more personal space just for both of us compares to Kani. Almost everywhere we go in the resort is just the 2 of us. or sometimes 1 or 2 couples strolling pass-by.  

As well, each couple is dedicated with a personal butler, mine helps us to plan our whole agenda/activities during our stay. It is great to have one as sometimes we might miss some of the fun events that is happening around in the resort.

*The privilege of Finolhu villa, is that we're allowed to visit Kani resort, whereas, if you're stay in Kani resort, you are not allowed to come over. 

10 things to enjoy during your Maldives honeymoon trip!

1. Enjoy free drinks all day long
from beer, wine, cocktails, soft drinks and even juices
Since it is free, let's visit the bar often
strolling around with our drinks and chillax
enjoying the free drinks even at Kani resort

 2. Indulge daily with delicious delicacy

Full spread... Yummy
Rice for breakfast?...Yes...Indeed...this is a breakfast set

(Fine Dining)

(Buffet style)


As we didn't realize it serves fine-dine for dinner, we are absolutely under-dress

Ala carte style ordering, awesome serving and you can eat as many as you want

Dinner BBQ buffet event @ Kani
(the event usually happens on weekend or during peak season)
Here we are, ready to feast
Live Music and Nice Ambiance

3. Loose your tensions with a great spa treatment

Our honeymoon package inclusive of Spa treatment for 2
Let's go!
Can't wait any longer

Nice detox drink from the spa

our room is facing the sea
It is pleasure to be in such a great view

Enjoying and relaxing ourselve after spa

or alternative
Spa in your villa 

4. Dip and slack at the pool

It's play time!!
Lets go for a swim
the view is awesome
Chillax in our villa

*Finolhu Pool*

*Kani Pool*

5. Watching sunset together

6. Strolling along beaches
 *Kani Beach*

 *Kani Beach*





7. Out to the sea - Snorkeling

Private snorkeling

8. Venture with my unicorn

walking over to another island


9. Joining fun activities

Most of the activities are held at Kani

They had aqua aerobic, parties and some water-sports
 However, we couldn't make it for some due to time constraint, as it was usually high demand especially for water-sport. Thus, we forgo some of the it.

A. The Foam Party


B. Playing pool

C. Dance Fever Night
The night is still young, rock the dance floor

10. Getting some tan


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