Australia Wanderlust - Perth, Swan Valley Self Drive Trip

Perth - One day trip to Swan Valley 

It is our first self-drive trip in Australia, quite excited about it!

Tip: My suggestion is before proceed with your journey to explore around Swan Valley, do drop by Swan Valley Visitor Centre (SVVC)


SVVC not only provide map and information for your self drive trip, the team worker is friendly to recommend places that is worth for a visit and great site to explore. As well, suggesting the route and way to go around to your preferred location.  
Trust me, you will save more time and by not exploring to the unnecessary site.

Route of the day

But before that we dropped by St. Matthew's Anglican Church
It's located in Stirling Square Park which is 2 mins away from SVVC by walking

Carry on with our greenery journey

Lunch Time!
Enjoying the great winery view of the restaurant

Our Valentine's day set

Time to brew!

Thereafter, we proceed our journey to 
" The House of Honey "

Alive bees
Products made of honey

"Mondo Nougats & Cafe"

the place is pretty small, but you can drop by the cafe to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate

Meeting the Kangeroos... Here we come
" Caversham Wildfire Park, Whiteman Park "

Tips: Grab a map and show schedule for Koala bear's meet and greet session, as well some exotic animal that are found in Australia only.

 koala bear's meet and greet

At last feeding of kangaroos
We spend most of time here as it is really fun to interact with the Kangaroos
Rudy making friend with the albino kangaroo... firstly, hand shake...

There were free flow of food in a tin provided for guests to freely feed the kangaroos

the park close at 5.30pm so do go there early to catch the show.