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Queena Singapore Bridal Review

My Fiance and I have signed up for its Pre-wedding photo shoot and Actual day package

Pre-wedding standard package 
quoted price $3988, after neg $3488
The package inclusive:
Bride gowns x 4 sets
Groom suit x 3 sets
Crystal album 40 pcs of selected pics x 1
mini album for parent x 1 
Pre-wed photo taking video(behind the scenes) highlights x 1
Portrait x 1
Table top photo display x 1 
Guest book for fingerprint x 1
mini photo cards x 400pcs
make up and hair do

There is an option for us to choose either Taiwan (Taichung), Singapore or even Johor for the pre-wed photo shoot,

Pro and Cons to take note

If we choose to Taiwan, they will only provide us with free transport and meals during photo shoot on that day in Taichung (worth $250), lunch is provided during trying out gowns and they assist us with hotel booking. However, flight and accommodation in Taichung is not inclusive in the package. Thus, we will need to pay for it.

Nevertheless, we decided to go for Taichung option, and on the same time, having our holiday trip thereafter.

Some hidden costs to take note if you are thinking going Taiwan for photoshoot:
Flight to Taipei - around $400-$600
Accommodation min. 3D2N - $180-$200 
(1 day to choose gowns, 1 day for photoshoot, 1 day to choose photos)
Train from Taipei to Taichung - $100
Transport in Taichung to Bride shop - $20 to $30(we went there everyday)
Ampoule before make up - $50/tube
Eye lashes - $20/pair of lash
Nude bra - $100 (you can get it from night market at $6-$15)
Photo taking places:  Taichung outdoor garden 爱丽丝的天空 admission fees - NT2000 ~ S$180 (for a group), Forest, beaches,road..etc - No admission charge 
Air freight to mail your album, portrait, cards - $200
Top-up additional pics- $80/pc*(packages only inclusive 40pcs, if you like to have some more is $80/pc, it is hard to resist, as photographer took approx. 200++ photos, and  you only can select 40 pcs. it is not very easy) 
Estimated additional spending - $1200 - $2000

If you are thinking to choose our home Singapore, 3 locations of your preferences. 

However, do take note of the below additional charges:
Ampoule before make up - $50/tube
Eye lashes - $20/pair of lash
Nude bra - $100 ( Triumph nude bra $69.90 only)
Photo taking places:  Universal Studio Singapore Pre-wed photo shoot admission fees - $199 for a group. Usually most of the tourist attractions in SG have higher admission rate for Pre-wed photo shoot (Some place of attractions are unable for you to purchase the normal admission tickets and entry with the camera man. You will need to sign up with their photo shoot package in order to enter)

However, there is no additional charges for forest, garden, beaches, road...etc those open for public.

Top-up additional pics: refer to the Taiwan reference as stated above
Estimated additional spending - $500 - $1000

If you are considering to go Johor, it will be best that you sign up from Johor bridal shop directly. as it is much cheaper but for photo quality... no comment on that.. and no guarantee it will be fantastic.

Some nice pre-wed photo in Taichung to share 

All the photos are so nice, but I have my most favorite

Props were provided by bridal shop, except for the puppets

Pre-wed photo-taking and behind the scenes video highlights
we've screened this video clip to replace the normal pre-wed montage before the banquet start. Great feedback from guests that they enjoy and understand how much joy we have during our photo shoots.  

Rating: 7/10

Actual day package
quoted price $2088++
The package inclusive:
Bride gowns x 3 sets (Morning, Kua, Evening)
MTM suit & pant x 1 sets
Hand flower bouquet x 1
flower corsage x 4
Car decoration x 2 cars
Trial make up session x 1 time
actual day make up and hair do x 2 times
Jewels - 2 sets

MTM = Made to Measure

I have exchanged my Kua for a groom set

trying out some evening gowns
Indeed, all the gowns look so nice!
but the color range is limited
e.g. I've requested for purple color gown, but they told me that they don't have this color yet. Therefore, I requested for baby pink. 

My decision for Actual Day

Morning gown
 (hand bouquet by Queena)

Evening gown

hope this guide will help you and thanks for reading!


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