Travel - Place to visit in Bandung

Bandung Trip

1. Factory Outlets

    In Indonesia, it is quite common to find discounted branded apparels 

Shopping Time!!

2. Farm House

Admission ticket: 25,000 rupiah 
(inclusive of Susu Lembang which is their local milk)

I thought it is goat milk initially so don't dare to drink it, but this is nice! 
Scared off myself...

~Love locked~


It has an impressive landscape view from the top

Entering into the hobbit house

Play time with animals
 The goat is staring at me! OMG

 3. Floating Market Lembeng

Food stalls on sampan boat

This is the safest to order! I only understand the word " Pizza" 

* You'll need to understand Bahasa language otherwise it is quite a hassle to order the local dishes.
Unless, you are brave enough to give it a try! Just pointed at the food or drink pictures will do but without knowing what are you eating!



4. Maribaya Natural Hotspring Resort

 Premium hotspring pool cost $10/pax (unlimited hour), the pool looks better with nice greenery view

However, we tried on with the middle class pool instead, $5.5/pax (unlimited hour)
there is another hotspring pool but usually crowded with locals

5. Kawah Putih (White Crater)

It was a beautiful site even though there were strong sulfur smells lingering around