Hong Kong Trip day 3 - 11 oct (To Macau)

1 day trip to Macau from Hong Kong
We took a 15mins short walk to China Ferry Terminal from our hotel 
Boarded Cotai ferry to Taipa Ferry Terminal, Macau
which cost us HKD177 (1 way) per pax. I also saw Turbojet ferry but they does not go to Taipa Ferry Terminal.
Turbojet ferry mainly serves passenager to Macao Ferry Terminal or other China states such as Zhu Hai and Shen Zhen. As such, we took Cotai ferry instead because it is the nearest terminal to Venetian.
We arrived to Macau after 1hour 30mins ferry rides.
 At Taipa Ferry Teminal, They were free shuttle buses provided to drive you to different casino.
 Hence, we boarded the free bus to Venetian.
Here we were at Venetian Macau after 15mins rides
Love the architecture designs and prints
We visited the Casino but did not gamble :) cheers
The whole place was indeed very big as we were lost inside the building.
Hence, we just walked around and we found this 
 Similar to MBS in Singapore
The whole interior were very nice and beautiful. *Must go place in Macau*
It is lunch time! We ate some in food court at Venetian shopping mall and the price is comparative.

Thereafter, we took a free shuttle bus from Venetian to Sands Casino where
 Macau Fisherman's Wharf is just opposite it.
We were in Rome
Haha! Not really!
 They designed the whole place look alike Rome,
especially the Colosseum

From here, we flagged taxi over to Largo Do Senoda(Senate Square)
The country was controlled and governed under Portuguese during the olden days.
Hence, you may see lots of Roman Catholic Churches around the vicinity
As we walked, we saw a group of Catholic having gospel walk.
I believe they were trying to promote gamble-free culture in the country. Good intention actually*
As we proceed further, we came to Dasanba Street where lots of eateries and shops selling Macau delicacies - Almond cookies and BBQ dried pork or beef.
Finally,we were at the well known Church in Macau
Ruins of St Paul
The church was left with the door after world war.
Nice scenes at night from this height.
Time to return to Hong Kong.
Now we went to Macao Ferry Terminal instead of Taipa Ferry Terminal because it was the nearest.
We boarded 8.10pm Turbotjet ferry at HK188 (evening fare is higher)
See you again Macau!
Arrived Hong Kong at around 10pm. We took our dinner nearby Tsim Sha Tsui 
Most of the shops were still opened and very crowded with people.
After dinner, we came across a stall along Nathan road to Jordan
It was 12am and people still buying Pancakes (direct translate is chick)
We tried and indeed was delicious
Tummy full and eye heavy. It time to go back hotel.. Zzz
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