Hong Kong Trip Day 4- 12 oct

Touring around by MTR
Sheung Wan
Beware! Train your physical stamina before coming to Sheung Wan
They have alot of stairs to climb and slopes to walk, Not suitable for senior people with leg problem.
Despite all the climbing and walking, it was a great place for cafe explorer like me.
Most of the street were painted with grafitti arts nearby Tai Ping Shan Street.
Along the street, I saw a few cafes which have interesting interior and frontal designs.
Cafes on the slopes
These was the cafe that I wanted to visit.
Tea Kha 
Very homey feeling
 Outside the cafe
Cashier at basement 
We sat at the upper floor as the ground level were full with people. .
The tips to enjoy life
We conquered the whole 2nd floor. Yeah! Satisfication!
The place was really cosy and feeling homey.
We waited 15mins for the Kee Mun Rose Tea, but indeed, it was really nice.Worth waiting for.
After relaxing and cafe exploring, it was lunch time.
Walking from Tai Ping Shan Street to Gage Street
*At the start of Gage Street is a long stretch of stair case, hence, not advisable for elderly with leg problem*
After 10-15min stairs climbing, we found few cafes just a few steps away - especial Agnes B cafe
Walked further down and here we were at Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園
The milk tea was really nice and only available on Sun.
The place served BBQ pork and roasted chicken rice as well. It was famous to local and tourist.
We met another group of Singaporean here.
After lunch, time to play!
Boarded the train to Tin Hau to Ocean Park
(No shuttle bus to Ocean Park at Admiralty MTR due to the ongoing protest lately)
Here we were at Ocean Park Hong Kong
~~It was a hot day~~
and it is thrilling to take the cable car
Even though, I was scared of heights but the scenery was really beautiful
Walked around and had fun!
Must watch!
The Dolphin Show
It was good
View from Ocean Park Tower
Nice view
The things that we cant miss it out!
Halloween in Ocean Park.
We queued for an hour for 1 haunted house.
Chinese Vampire vs Western Vampire
Left the place around 10plus at night. Totally shagged after a whole day of walking and playing.
Time to Sleep ZZZ